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We are simplifying how international students get their Student Visas and get ahead by learning a new language and studying in an accredited academic institution. We make sure every student enjoys their experience and gets the best out of it. Everyday new students come to the United States and you can be one of them.

Hemingway Agency started with the idea of helping international students with their dreams of studying in the USA. Alejandro Calderon, an expert advisor with 5 years of experience in the U.S. Student Visa process, and Rainer Arencibia, an IT Engineer who loves building efficient platforms decided to start this new project together. By using technology as the core in our operations we can provide results quite fast, getting the I-20 Form and all documentation ready in less than a week.

At Hemingway, we focus on providing 1 on 1 coaching sessions for every student, so they can have a real life experience of what a visa interview is and how to prepare the interview. We put special effort in how to answer the embassy`s officer questions in a positive and assertive ways. We make as many coaching sessions as possible until the student feels ready for the interview. We do not like leaving things to luck or chances, so we do the work required to get good results.

By bringing Certified Language Schools, Universities and International Students together in one platform we provide equal access to competitive and certified courses, this way we are making First-World Education available for everyone. Our students get advice and peace of mind on every step of the process and increase their chances of a better future thanks to our guidance and personal coaching.

We make sure our students enjoy their journey by providing free guides, activities and recommendations for every city we have schools in. We, also, make trips and meetings with all students interested, so they can meet in person and share advice on first-hand to one another.

Since we started, more than 30 language schools in more than 25 different cities have joined us including Kaplan, the best english school in the world. Hundreds of students are using our platform and community, and we keep working on providing new and better services to students interested on studying in the United States.

At Hemingway Agency we believe having a lifetime experience abroad while learning a new language will enrich student`s life in meaningful ways, an example was Ernest Hemingway, an american novelist, who moved to Cuba and inspired by it culture wrote the book: The old man and the sea. Thanks to this book he was awarded a Nobel Prize in Literature for his mastery of the art of narrative. As Hemingway did, we are trying to be a bridge between students from America and Europe. Inspired by his work we named this company, as we support an open attitude to different cultures and learning a new language abroad is the perfect opportunity for understanding and connecting with other human beings.

Our Vision

To provide a lifetime opportunity of equal access to first world education for everyone.

Our Mission

We created Hemingway because we believe students deserve peace of mind on such important opportunity. Our students get ahead by using our experience, streamline process, our platform, and access to a network of great schools.


What People Say

Our Values

We care deeply for our employees, employees care deeply for our students, and our students recommend us.


Our Amazing Partners

We work with schools with great classrooms, teachers, locations, and operations, so we can speed up the Student Visa Process to matter of days and our students learn the most while feeling comfortable. We also add new schools and locations every month, so we can provide more options to our students.