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Preparing for the Visa Interview with the Embassy Officer is, without a doubt, the most important part of this process, coming out victorious from this test is not easy at all, you must make sure to impress the officer with clear and convincing answers, with determination and assertive communication.

We have created a comprehensive guide on how to be successful in your F1 Visa Interview.

All this information is based on the experience we have accumulated through hundreds of students who have decided to trust Hemingway to fulfill their dreams of educating themselves in high-quality institutions and seeking better opportunities.

This valuable information is fully available to all our students, who are interested in traveling to the United States with educational purposes, traveling, and an unforgettable experiences.

In our coaching sessions, we guarantee the understanding of the important factors in the interview, and services that are included in our courses and programs.

We work closely with students to make sure we understand their profile completely, so we can help them by eliminating existing fears, and doubts with the purpose of making the student feel confident when presenting their intentions to study in the United States in a clear, positive and assertive manner.

Our Coaching Sessions

Our goal is that every student and traveler get an approved visa.

We provide intensive (Session/Hour) coaching sessions until the student feels ready for the visa interview.

Coaching sessions are included in our courses, and we do as many as possible as the goal is to have as many approved students as we can possibly have.

  • Quality of Answers.
  • How to Answer: Clear and Honest answers.
  • Behaviour and Positive Actitud.
  • Understanding of all documentation required.
  • Practice an official interview.

At Hemingway, we work hard every day, with students who share the same goals and dreams, that is why we have known first hand the steps, the questions, answers, recommendations and above all the experience to tell you, how can you achieve it.

We work with excellent language schools around the United States that allow us to:

  • Get I-20 forms in less than a week for our students.
  • Pay the SEVIS fee as soon as we have the I-20.
  • Apply for the student`s visa right away.
  • Choose the Visa Interview appointment.
  • Preparing and training students, so they can have a great interview.
  • Increase your chances of getting your visas approved.


Now that you know how US nonimmigrant visas work for international students. You can start working on what you need to start your journey right away.

We recommend starting this process 6 months before your preferred date of travel to the United States, just to have everything done on time and well in advance.

Having said that, we generally complete this process in less than a month for most students; but depends on the interview`s waiting times of their respective Embassies.

As you can see, we are totally open and transparent with the information on the process and the details that are required to successfully complete the visa process, since our main purpose is to help students who wish to broaden their spectrum of opportunities and possibilities in their lives.

With our help, experience and deep knowledge of the subject students can achieve their dreams and goals.

Our intention is to eliminate common errors, doubts, fears, and uncertainties through the answers and process we have obtained in those same situations, we have already done it for hundreds of students who today fulfill their dream in the United States of America.

We want to be an important part of every student success, so feel free to reach out or share our contact information with a friend, we will be happy to help you on your goals. Remember, our goal is to make First World Education available to everyone, especially if you are between the ages of 18 and 29 and want to study and live in the United States for up to 5 years.

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