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With 80 years of Excellence is Recommended by 97% of students.
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Our Premium Partners

For students who want to learn English with the best teachers.

Our partners Kaplan International Languages and Alpadia Language Schools are the best schools in the United States and Europe, like us, believes in the power of language education to forge opportunities and enrich lives.

These alliances allows us to say that its schools are completely available to our students interested in continuing their academic life, starting with a premium English course.

Feedback: 97% of their students recommend them and classify them as a high-quality institution that has programs that can be adapted to their goals, schedules, and budget.

What is Kaplan

Prestigious and Award-Winning School

Learn English in the most fulfillment way.

Kaplan is an international language school with more than 80 years of excellence in the foreign language education market, with schools in 8 countries around the world and more than 40,000 students from 150 countries who study at Kaplan every year.

Let us help you go further

  • Exceptional Schools, Classrooms and Teachers.
  • Unforgettable Abroad Experience.
  • Outstanding Academic Results.
  • Accommodations: Friendly international student residences, apartments and cozy homestays.
  • Students learn not just in the classroom, but out in the world through exploration and adventure.
  • Becoming bilingual is like owning a magic key that lets you explore, work and make connections in places that you might otherwise never have been able to enter.
  • Immersive courses plunge you into the living language. Learn through dynamic tuition, unique study materials, and fun excursions in a fascinating English-speaking culture.

What Kaplan Offers

Best quality and practical courses

A wide range of courses to suit students of all levels and needs

At Kaplan we have always believed that immersion backed up by expert teaching is the most effective way to learn a language. We achieve our results through integrating the best of modern teaching methods with the life-enhancing experience of learning by exploring the world.

Our exciting activities and excursions are not just a fun extra; they are an integral part of the learning journey. Our approach enhances the benefits of immersion by placing you in direct contact with the living language in a fun and exciting way.

Studies have shown that immersion students develop near-native skills in understanding and reading a foreign language, and high levels of proficiency in speaking and writing it.

Courses and Programs:

  • Flexible English Course: Choose your course duration, start date and intensity level. By customizing your english course to your needs you will be learning what you need for your future.
  • Intensive English Course: When time is limited, you can learn english fast with this program tailored for efficiency.
  • Semi-Intensive English Course: Learn english at your own pace, you will feel comfortable. Enjoy classes, friends and activities in your free time.
  • Long-term English Course: Achieve advanced fluency in English and build the confidence you need to reach your academic and personal goals.
  • Professional English Course: Excel in the international workplace with advanced English fluency and professional communication skills.

Benefits of learning a new language

For students focus in their futures

From improving your brain`s cognitive functions to better professional opportunities

Did you know that learning a foreign language can increase your brain power? The skills and mental connections acquired by learning a new language are evident, these people have excellent decision-making, a quick memory and a wide perception of the world.

Being multilingual enhances your creativity, as knowing concepts in different languages allows you to understand an idea from different perspectives and helps you generate new points of view.

More Benefits:

  • Access to more profesional opportunities and with higher salaries and benefits.
  • Working with the best and bigger companies in the planet, sometimes working from home as well.
  • Enhanced Problem Solving Skills.
  • Improved Memory Function (long & short-term).
  • Enhanced Creative Thinking Capacity.
  • Improved Verbal and Spatial Abilities.

Learning another language considerably broadens your academic outlook, since when applying for an international scholarship, many of these prestigious universities operate in English, French and German.

Obtaining information from excellent sources, being able to speak, understand and write in more than one language means that you can consult academic sources from all over the world, allowing you to gain a deep understanding of educating topics with high-level data.

Learning English is an adventure, spectacular destinations, from palm fringed beaches to the heart of New York, these schools offer you the best qualified teachers in teaching the language, sophisticated technology and the experience of exploring the world. These courses are designed to help you achieve your goals and enrich your life through the international student experience.

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