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If you want to study in the United States for up to 5 years, this is right visa for you!

Every year more than one million international students live and study in the United States accomplishing their dreams. With our help, preparation and guidance, you can join them too. Just read our latest guide to help you become an expert on the F-1 Student Visa process.

What is an F-1 Student Visa?

The F-1 Student Visa is given to international students who are attending an Academic Program or English Language Program at a US Institute, College or University. Students must be enrolled in a program or course that culminates in a degree, diploma, or certificate with an authorized (SEVP) institution by the U.S. Government to accept international students.

Note: Hemingway Agency already works with the best English Institutes in the country.

Benefits of the F-1 Student Visa

If your visa is approved these will be your benefits while living the dream:

  • You can live in the United States for up to 5 years while studying.
  • You can apply for a driver license and drive.
  • You can apply for a social security number and work part-time (20 hours/week).
  • You can work the first year in your school (on-campus) if approved by the USCIS.
  • You can work after the first year in any other company (off-campus) like Google, Apple, Uber or Amazon.
  • You can travel inside or outside the United States without restrictions while you are on vacation.
  • You can bring your spouse and children with F-2 Status as dependents, but they can not work.
  • Learn English from certified american teachers and obtain your degree or certificate.
  • Study a career or degree in a World-Class College or University like Harvard or Stamford.
  • You can enter United States 30 days prior your course starting date.

Make the most of your international student experience, by making new friends and connections that will help you find great career opportunities!

Requirements of the F-1 Student Visa

Your visa can be approved if you meet these requirements:

  • A valid passport;
  • A valid I-20 Form;
  • SEVIS fee (International Student Tax) paid;
  • Form DS-160 Completed;
  • Proof of your financial support;
  • Home country residency;
  • Full-time enrollment in certified course (18+ hours/week);

The Form I-20, is the `Certificate of Eligibility for Non-immigrant` provided by our schools in less than a week.

How to apply to an F-1 Student Visa & Process

Formulario I-20
Step 1

School Application | Form I-20

By filling out the school application on our platform you will get the I-20 form in one week.

Impuesto SEVIS (I-901)
Step 2

SEVIS fee | I-901 Form

A Government tax that we pay and send you the receipt.

Aplicación Visa (DS-160)
Step 3

Visa Application | DS-160 Form

The student and our advisor will be filling out this form together to make sure no mistakes are made. At the end, the student will pick the date for the visa interview.

Visa Interview Coaching
Step 4

Visa Interview Coaching

The most important part of the process. We prepare students until they understand their unique situation and feel confidence enough to perform a great interview.

We, at Hemingway work with students on this process every day. We work with great language schools across the country that allow us to get I-20 forms in less than a week for our students, we then pay the SEVIS fee, and apply to the student visa using the DS-160 form, once the interview is set up we prepare the students, so they can perform a great interview and increase their chances to get their visas approved.

Now that you know how US non-immigrant visas works for international students. You can start working on what needs (Financial Support) to be done to start your journey right away. We recommend starting this process 6 months before the prefer date to travel to the United States just to do everything on time and with plenty of time left. Having said that, we usually complete this process in less than a month for must students, but depending on their respected embassy’s waiting time.

If you want to work with us or someone you know needs help on this process feel free to share our contact information, and we will be happy to assist them. Our goal is to make First-World Education available for everyone, especially if you are between 18 and 29 years old and wants to study and live in the United States for up to 5 years.

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